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Permit-LV Building Permit Management Software

Off-the-shelf permitting and inspections management system designed for smaller localities. Everything from Application to Certificate of Occupancy. Permits,Inspections, Reports and more. Versatile and upgrade-able. Ideal for departments who want to automate their permitting and inspection records for the first time.

Permit-LV Features and Benefits

  • Designed especially for smaller localities that issue 200 - 5000 permits a year.
  • Designed from the ground up for Microsoft Windows - making it easy to learn!
  • Tracks applications for all types of permits for easy lookup.
  • Track approvals from other departments so you know where an application stands.
  • Tracks other requirements such as ADA compliance, asbestos certification, etc.
  • Automatically calculates permit fees based on your locality's fee schedules.
  • Prints/Reprints permits for you - as many copies as you need.
  • Tracks all requests for inspections so you can quickly print your schedule.
  • Prints your inspection tickets - single tickets or all tickets for a specified date.
  • Prints temporary and permanent Certificates of Occupancy.

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Many standard reports can be viewed or printed in seconds including:
  • Activity for a specific month
  • Activity for a date range - 1 day, 1 week, etc.
  • Census Bureau/Dodge report (404)
  • Daily and User Defined Date Range Revenue Reports
  • Permit history for a given address
  • Inspection histories for permits
  • Outstanding inspection violations
  • And more...


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Numerous options allow you to customize the system to fit your locality's needs:
  • Fee schedules can be based on work value and per/item or square foot.
  • Multiple User-Defined tables like: Project Codes, Neighborhoods, etc.
  • 3 levels of security
  • And more...


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Keep complete information on contractors:
  • The usual - name, address, phone numbers, contact name.
  • State license and local license(s) expiration dates.
  • Types of permits qualified for.
  • Year-to-date value of permits taken out.
  • And more...


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Keep track of pending permits and C/O’s - includes a tickler file for:
  • Reviewing applications awaiting approval(s).
  • Reviewing expired temporary Certificates of Occupancy.
  • Review the inspection history for any permit instantly
  • Look up permits by permit #, address, owner’s name, or tax map number.
  • And many more features to assist you in managing your critical information.

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"YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCEEDS ANY WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!" Jackie Richardson, Richardson Inspection Services, LLC - Volant, PA

"Our users LOVE your software!" Natalie Linneman, IT Dept, Campbell County WY

"It works! Thanks! We are one of the few offices in the city with computer programs that work for us."  Judy James, City of Fairfax