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  • A companion system for Permit-LV
  • Traveling Permit-LV can be installed on any laptop/notebook running Windows XP or higher including Windows 10
  • No More Tickets or Paper To Keep Track Of: You can leave it all behind
  • You Have Complete Information All The Time: Traveling PermitLV will give you a live link (must have internet connectivity in the field) so you can update the records on your server in real-time.
  • No More Shorthand or Hand Written Notes on Paper: Input the request for inspection in the Inspections module and it's waiting for you instantly.
  • You’re Ready To Go In Just Seconds! Connect to your network and the internet. All inspections are instantly available for entering results or review.
  • Instantly Review All Previous Inspections: Covering for a colleague or just don't remember what inspections have already been done along with their results and comments? The history report has it all.
  • Always Know What Inspections Have Already Been Completed: Inspection codes for prior approved inspections are displayed whenever you create or edit an inspection record.
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry: Never re-type the same comment again. The Note Code table lets you create records for commonly used phrases, sentences, or even paragraphs. Examples include: "Ok to occupy" or a paragraph from the code specifying exactly why an inspection failed. Click the Note Codes button to see a list of available records, select the one(s) you want, and the full text associated with the code is automatically placed into the Remarks section of the inspection record.
  • View and/or Print All Comments for Each Inspection: - Right in the field. See what a prior inspector wrote about a particular situation/inspection.
  • Inquire About Any Open Permit: Including permits not on your inspections list
  • Print Inspection Tickets With Results and Comments: - Right in the field
  • Enter New Requests: You have all the information already with you
  • *NEW* Email your Results and Comments: to the contractor or anyone else
  • *NEW* Download Version is Now Available: If you cannot get reliable Internet connectivity in the field (limited hardware or signal), a download version of Traveling PermitLV is now an option. This module will make a copy of the your inspection requests (plus all other related inspections and the related permit) onto your laptop. Once in the field, you can update the requests with results and comments. Upon your return to the office, you can reconnect to your network, and upload your records to update the master files on the server.

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